“Gravelvip” is a modular polypropylene grid for creating stable and well-drained gravel paving.

The paving is made up of a system of grids which are joined together and have a tough draining felt attached to the bottom. Gravelvip is available in LIGHT GREY (RAL 7838).
This system has various advantages; first of all it eliminates the common problem of previous grids without felt of letting the gravel fall out from the cells and onto the ground. As it descends, the gravel gets trapped underneath the grids, pushing them up and exposing them to damage from the sun. This does not happen with Gravelvip.
Gravelvip grids feature a high-quality design concept. The idea behind the product is not based on cost concerns but rather on quality and durability, as Gravelvip grids are intended to last for decades as a supporting structure for vehicle traffic. This is why Gravelvip grids have construction and weight specifications far superior than all other main competitors (a technical information sheet is available for consultation).


  • Allows fast and easy creation of true gravel surfaces which do not cause bicycles, prams, wheelchairs, motorbikes, cars (therefore suitable for driveways), high heels etc. to sink in.
  • It eliminates the problem of the grid sustaining damage and disintegrating due to exposure to the sun, lasting for many years covered with only a thin layer of gravel.
  •  It eliminates the holes, standing water and constant consumption of gravel typical of traditional solutions. Greater than 95% permeability.
  •  It is supplied in light, flexible, easy to lay panels of approximately 1 m2 each which do not slide even on shallow gradients thanks to the special, patented attachment system.
  •  It prevents weed growth and reduces maintenance required by the driveway and garden.
  • Quick and easy to lay with normal equipment.
  •  The panels remain invisible once laid and can be easily removed and reused during subsequent maintenance.
  •  It offers excellent results in aesthetic and landscaping terms, making the most of locally available gravel or marble.
  •  100% recyclable plastic material.
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How is Gravelvip used?

Layer of well-packed hardcore

Layer of sand

Layer of Gravelvip
32 mm filled with gravel

Upper layer of gravel
15-20 mm


Roma 2014

Imola 2015

Bologna 2013